What does sent a text message’ actually mean


Do you know the color of text that appears when you text your friends using an iPhone? If you’re a new iPhone owner or last used an Apple device long ago, you should be aware of such specifications.

Have you ever noticed that your text is also green-colored? What does the color shade mean?

There is also a message written below the green shade that reads ‘sent as a text message.’ To avoid confusion, every iPhone user needs to know What sent a text message’ mean?

What Does “Sent As A Text Message” Mean?

Cell phones are now an essential part of everyday life. Sadly, people today spend the majority of their time using mobile phones. It’s the primary source of communication and entertainment.

You can communicate with friends, colleagues, and family anywhere around the globe, no matter the time. Mobile communication and entertainment have become an integral part of our everyday lives.

It can be frustrating to send a text message, but the delivery fails. This can be due to the internet or mobile features that you need to become more familiar with.

This article will explain what iMessage sending as text messages means, its reasons, and more. Read on to clear up all your confusion!

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What is a text message?

Text messages are short, alphabetical, or numerical communications between cell phone users. It can be used for various purposes, including consumer-to-consumer communication, service alerts and notifications, e-commerce, health, security, mobile marketing, and e-commerce.

If you are an iPhone user, you can send a message by turning off iMessage. These messages aren’t encrypted. The text appears in green bubble text.

What is iMessage?

iMessage can be texts, videos, or photos sent between iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, or iPad users. They should have a good network connection for smooth communication. iMessage appears on the screen as blue bubbles.

What does “Sent as text message” mean?

The recipient needs internet access if you don’t see the delivery check. Many iPhone users will turn off iMessage and send a text instead.

Sending a text message to the recipient means that you will send a picture, video, or text. The recipient will receive the text when the Internet connection is restored. The text appears green-shaded.

Why Would I Want To Send It As A Text Message

Why is my iMessage being sent as an SMS? (? Credit: @AskAboutCELEBS)

An Internet connection is required to send an iMessage. If you are aware that the recipient of your text does not have an internet connection, you can send it to them as a message.

This is a text message that does not need to be encrypted and can be sent without the use of the internet.

What Does the Green Text Sent Mean?

The blue text bubble on iPhones means the user is sending a message via the message settings. The green text bubble appears when you send a text to the recipient.

What Does Sent As a Text Message on iPhone Mean?

You may have some problems or confusion with iMessage if you’re a first-time iPhone user. Sometimes, when you send a text to someone, you will see the text in green instead of blue.

The text is blue-shaded when you send or receive an iMessage message on your iPhone. If you send or receive text via a short message service, the text is displayed in green.

If you receive a message as a text, it means that the message was sent through a short messaging service instead of iMessage.

When the sender or receiver does not have connectivity, this setting is used. The recipient of the message may have disabled iMessage on his iPhone.

A second reason to send a watch sent text message instead of a regular one is if the person you are texting has an Android phone. Your iMessage app will not work while you are communicating with the person.

What does sent as a text message mean vs. delivered?

It is easy to understand the difference between sending and delivering a text. The green bubble next to send as text message signifies that the message has been uploaded into the messaging network. These messages are not read or seen.

Most often, the recipient’s internet connection is very slow. When the recipient regains his mobile connection, the message is delivered to him, and he will be able to see or read it.

When you see the blue bubble text underneath the message, it means that the message has been delivered. The blue bubble text indicates that the message was downloaded by the messaging system and the recipient read it.

It is a good sign when your message is delivered to the recipient. This means that you and your recipient are in a good conversation. The sender and recipient must have a good internet connection for a message to be delivered successfully.

What does Sent as text message mean on iMessage

Why does the text still say sent as an SMS message if your iMessage settings are on? There are two possible reasons.

  • You cannot send iMessage to the person you’re trying to text. The text may be sent as a standard text message.
  • You may also be unable to send iMessage if the recipient has disabled iMessage in their text message settings. You can only send a text to them.

Why does my message appear as “iMessage” instead of a text message?

Credit: @UnlockSource for the following tutorial on how to send iMessages instead of text messages

iMessage is the most common way iPhone, Mac, and iPod users communicate, especially if their Internet connection is strong. The blue bubble text signifies that you’re using iMessage. These messages are encoded.

You can text instead of using iMessage by going to the settings option. If you turn off iMessage, your messages will be sent via text. The text message appears as green bubble text.


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