Education App UI design Top trends in 2023


UI design is no exception. Trends change constantly. UI trends for learning apps are the same. Do the trends of 2023 have a massive impact on them?

This article will show you the trends in UI design for educational apps and their importance when designing educational apps.

Table of Contents

  • Top Six Trends for Education App UX Design in 2023
    • Video content available on the Platform
    • Gamification of Education Apps
    • Use of Dark Mode
    • Infographics
    • Mobile Learning
    • Progress Bars
  • Summary

What is UI Design?

What is UI User Interface Design? (? Credit:

A user interface, often abbreviated UI, is a system that allows humans to interact with machines. The design of a user interface focuses on the ease with which a product can be interacted with. This is more important than ever in this digital age.

Good UIs balance efficiency, functionality, and user needs. Users expect intuitive, user-friendly interfaces when they are doing business in the forefront of technology. Companies that value their clients’ time and money pay attention to these details.

Why is Education UI Design Important?

The best design for an educational app is not one that uses bright colors or unusual combinations. The smartest design for an education mobile app meets the customer’s needs. It should therefore have the following characteristics:

  1. Accessibility – A good UI should focus on the service that it provides. It should not be distracted. It should be easy to use.
  2. Ease Of Use – A good UI is easy to use. It’s not the same thing as UX, but one can’t exist without the other. A good UI makes a product easier to use. However, a poor UI can make the product even more frustrating.
  3. Committed Users – The UI of an educational application can significantly impact users’ satisfaction levels. Users are more likely to use an app if they like it. It is, therefore, essential to create an excellent user interface for education apps.

Designing Education Apps – The Top Six Trends for 2023

The world is changing, and so is how we view education apps. See what the top 2023 trends are.

Video Content on the Platform

Video content is the new trend for learning apps. It helps to increase engagement and can be a great tool in training. You can enhance the user experience by incorporating video into your app. This will keep users interested and coming back to it.

Video content is more engaging than text or lessons that include textbooks and pictures. Videos are also more interactive and personal.

Gamification of Education Apps

Gamification is a great way to motivate both employees and customers. Gamification can help businesses motivate employees and customers.

It is no accident that it is so crucial in the design of educational apps.

Dark Mode

Dark mode can save battery life over time.

The dark mode uses black elements, while light-mode apps use white. This simple change can significantly affect how much battery power an app consumes when it is open and no other applications are running.

It may not seem like much, but it makes a difference, mainly because it is more friendly for the eyes. If you create an educational app in dark mode, users will have a more enjoyable experience while learning at night.


What is an Infographic? Credit:

Infographics are graphics that present information clearly and quickly. Using pictures can improve human memory by improving the visual system. This is what makes them an effective way to learn and visualize information.

There should be some guidelines on how they are used, but in general, a well-designed infographic can replace several pages of text.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning has become a popular trend for education as it allows students to learn anywhere. This type of education can benefit busy students and those who need help attending traditional classes.

Mobile apps offer a more engaging and personalized experience than traditional education methods. Mobile learning allows people to study at the bus stop or commute.

Progress Bars

They are an excellent tool for UI design. You can track your progress to see how far along you are. It’s beneficial for education apps as it helps motivate you to continue learning.

You can read more about it here:

A great learning app’s UI design will allow users to navigate the app easily. This allows them to learn more efficiently.

You can make your app successful by designing an interface that is easy to use. This will help the users achieve their learning goals. After all, isn’t that the primary goal of any business?

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