Top 60 Essential Smartphone Blogs

There are many blogs on smartphones that you can find online. Many blogs on the Web discuss the latest news about your favourite Android devices, iPhones, and other smartphones.

Many bloggers write these blogs. These blogs are written by various bloggers, including journalists and professionals, marketers and unapologetic geeks (android lovers and die-hard iPhone users).

We compiled a list of top-rated blogs dedicated to all things smartphones. These blogs cover everything from specs to device security to updates and even comparisons. They are trusted and reliable and provide the information readers need.

These blogs are for smartphone enthusiasts, gamers, and curious people.

Android Blogs

These blogs are focused on Android. These websites offer useful tips, news, and advice.

Android Police

Android Police provides all the latest information, tips and tricks, reviews, and other useful information about Android mobile phones. Artem Russakovskii founded the site in 2009 as a software developer and sysadmin. It attracts over 4 million visitors each month. Android Police is the blog you should visit if you’re looking for tutorials, howtos and other tricks to help your Android smartphone.


AndroidPIT is a news site that focuses on Android hardware and app reviews. It also provides bits of advice and tips from Android experts. AndroidPIT helps you live a happy life with Android smartphones by keeping you informed, reviewing apps, and providing hardware reviews. This online publication has local editions in the United States, UK, Spain and Germany, and France, Italy, Brazil, and Turkey.

Android Headlines

Android community led by Android enthusiasts. Android Headlines offers comprehensive news coverage and reporting. Although not associated with Google, the staff and writers work closely to provide accurate and timely news, product reviews, information, and community content.

Droid Life

Droid Life is a top online destination for Android phone reviews and the latest news on wireless technology. Droid Life frequently collaborates with vendors to offer amazing deals on Android gadgets. Get the latest Android news here and get insightful advice from tech enthusiasts.


DroidViews is a rapidly expanding community of Android enthusiasts and users. It aims to simplify complex stuff for common Android users. Readers will find detailed Android gadget reviews, the latest news and tutorials with video.

The Android Soul

The Android Soul (TAS), which Android enthusiasts run from India, aims to help other Android users know their devices better. TAS is an excellent resource for Android users. It offers app reviews, news updates, tips, and great deals.


Phandroid is the first website to cover Android news exclusively. It has been providing support for Android users for many years. Staff and writers regularly compare devices and apps and write reviews of gadgets, apps, and games. In the lively community forum, they answer questions from readers.


AndroidGuys offers educational articles on Android smartphones with daily updates. This blog focuses on unlocking mobile devices.

Android Community

Android Community collaborates closely with Google and other companies in the mobile technology sector to stay on top of the news. This website provides accurate information about Android as well as helpful analysis for readers.

Android Advices

Android Advices provides information about the latest developments in smartphones, including tutorials and step-by-step installation guides. Android Advices’ team is focused on helping Android users make the most of their phones.


YouMobile is primarily focused on Android firmware and updates. YouMobile’s writers strive to keep up with the rapid changes in the mobile market. They provide the most recent updates and developments for Android users all over the globe.

China Smartphone Review

This blog reviews Android phones from China. China Smartphone Review is a trusted source for information about smartphones from Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers.

Droid Report

Droid Report covers all things Android, including smartphone releases, new apps, rooting Android OS, hardware analysis, reviews and comparisons. The site is run by an enthusiastic group of Android enthusiasts who work together to share news, tutorials and advice for Android users all over the globe.


All the latest information about Android smartphones is on one website. OnlyGizmos has the most up-to-date information on Android smartphones, including Samsung and Nokia.


ObeyGeek has the best blog for the latest information, tutorials and more. ObeyGeek is a blog that provides information on the latest developments in Android apps, firmware, and devices. It also offers tutorials and resources for users to upgrade their Android smartphones or other mobile devices.


AndroidSPIN offers in-depth reviews on smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as the most recent mobile technology news. The site is supported by OrNsoft and sells the most recent smartphones and mobile gadgets.


This is a fun website for Android and Windows smartphone users to read and find information. This blog includes smartphone, game, as well as app reviews. You will also find news about recent developments in the mobile industry.

iOS Blogs

Are you an avid iOS smartphone user? These blogs cover all the latest news about Apple’s iPhone and Apple products. These blogs offer useful tips, howto’s, fun hacks and easy-to-follow tutorials.

Hot Apple News

This website provides a comprehensive overview of the latest news, rumours and leaks about Apple. Hot Apple News provides information about iPhones and how to care for them.

iPhone Hacks

Get the latest iPhone news. iPhone Hacks provides the latest information on your mobile device. The online magazine provides all the information you need, including howtos and software updates, reviews, sales, rumours, and software updates.


iPhone life is a community of iOS enthusiasts that publishes in-depth app reviews and tips on maintaining your device. It also offers advice on how to update your phone and other news. This site’s writers regularly attend Apple press conferences to keep up with the latest news about iOS gadgets.

Apple iPhone Review

Apple iPhone Review reviews all of the latest iOS smartphones and their companion gadgets. You will also find tutorials and helpful guides to fixing minor damages.

Mixed Blogs

We’ve compiled the top blogs that cover both Android or iOS for those who get tired of going to blog after blog trying to find the most recent and accurate Android news and updates. These blogs cover the latest developments and happenings from Android and Apple and provide information about how to make your life easier. You can also find useful tips, tutorials and advice for your readers, as well as reviews.


Techspot provides the most recent tech news and analysis to a wide audience, including gamers, IT professionals, power users, and geeks. Techspot’s news coverage of smartphones and Tech is supplemented by extensive product reviews, guides and features, as well as product databases. Techspot also offers a forum for tech enthusiasts where users can engage in active discussions.


FoneArena is a one-stop-shop for all things mobile, including smartphones. It has one of the largest tablet and smartphone databases online. The site was established in 2005 and caters to both smartphone users and tech experts around the globe. FoneArena aims to provide its users with the most recent news and updates in the mobile phone world.

Know Your Mobile

News, reviews and rumours. Compare, find out about deals. All the latest information about mobile phones is available on one website. This blog will help you find the top mobile phones on the market right now. You can also get advice from blog writers about how to make your smartphone even more enjoyable.

Guiding Tech

Guiding Tech is an Indian online publication that aims to educate and inform youth about IT, business, and technology. Get inspiring and informative stories on how Tech can work for you, as well as the latest news about mobile phones.


The blog was started by geeks who loved technology and gadgets. They turned Ubergizmo into a leading site that provides the most recent news, detailed reviews, database and tutorials on mobile phones and gaming gadgets.

The Horn of

The Horn offers the most up-to-date tips and information, including how to shop for smartphones and backups, how to extend the life of your Android phones and how you can prolong them. This blog offers the latest news and videos to help you make your smartphone more enjoyable.


TechnoBuffalo is a group of tech-loving professionals who have written this guide to help readers live a more fulfilling life. TechnoBuffalo covers technology topics such as smartphones for personal and business Use. To aid readers, the online publication includes helpful videos.


Are you looking for a tech-savvy friend to share tips and tricks with so that your phone and other mobile devices can be more enjoyable? Techlicious is that friend. Techlicious articles are written in an easy-to-understand way that explains complicated tech stuff to readers. You will learn how to improve your smartphone and the most recent trends in mobile gadgets.


Are you looking to sign up for a cell phone plan? Do not waste time comparing deals from different carriers by going from one store to the next. Wirefly can do this for you. Wirefly is a top USA cell phone plan comparison and phone plan listing site.

iTech Hacks

Enthusiasts wrote this blog about mobile technology. This blog is dedicated to making mobile technology more accessible to everyone. You can expect tips and tricks, hacking guides and howtos for your readers, as well as fun top lists.


Pocketnow is a site that focuses exclusively on mobile technology. It aims to help users choose the right mobile device for them. Pocketnow provides news, editorials and reviews as well as video content for mobile enthusiasts.

Gadgets for

Gadgets to Use is the one-stop-shop for all things mobile. It provides news, reviews and information on gadgets and mobile technology. To help smartphone owners make the most of their devices, the writers interview experts in the field.


Mobile88 is Southeast Asia’s most popular website. It provides news, events and reviews about smartphones, other gadgets, plans, apps and more. The online publication is written by a team from the region and aims to keep readers informed about the most recent developments in mobile technology.


This website focuses on smartphones and mobile phones. It offers extensive phone comparisons, news articles and exclusive phone deals. This site provides the most up-to-date information about your dream smartphone.


MobiPicker wants its readers to be up-to-date on all developments in the mobile phone world. MobiPicker helps readers choose the right smartphone for them, from smartphone launch and OS updates to howtos and gadget comparison.

Geek News Central

This website has everything geeks want to know. Geek News Central offers the most recent news on smartphones, games, apps, and mobile gadgets. Geek News Central also hosts a podcast that offers advice and tips to help users select the best smartphone and how to care for it.

Geeky Gadgets

Geeky Gadgets has the latest news about the mobile technology sector. This includes software and hardware. Readers will learn which smartphone is best for them by reading in-depth gadget reviews.

Best Phone Spy

Are you searching for the best spy app for your smartphone? Best Phone Spy offers extensive reviews on the best spy apps available for Android and iOS users.


Do you have a difficult time choosing the right smartphone for your needs and lifestyle? GIZGUIDE provides you with the most recent trends, practical suggestions, as well as unbiased reviews, opinions, and recommendations.


MBReviews was named one of the top sixty-five gadget blogs. It is made up of tech enthusiasts who love to play with their smartphones and other gadgets. Their goal is to share their knowledge with both Android and iOS users. They also review other gadgets.


PhoneRadar provides the most recent news about smartphones and upcoming launches. This online publication offers tips and howtos for smartphone users.

What is Mobile?

What’s happening in the mobile industry? What Mobile brings you the latest news. You will find informative articles covering everything from price comparisons, reviews and feature articles about smartphones and other mobile gadgets.

Mobile & Apps

Mobile & Apps provides the latest news and cutting-edge information on mobile technology. This includes smartphones, software and hardware. This site offers helpful reviews and articles on important topics that are entertaining and informative for smartphone users.


Moblivious is a site for people who love mobile photography or just those who enjoy it. Moblivious offers tips and tricks to help you improve your mobile photography. This site will help you enjoy your smartphone and create amazing Insta-pictures.

Mobile Geeks

Mobile Geeks was originally a tablet review website. Mobile Geeks became increasingly popular and now includes laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets. You can learn something new by reading the online magazine’s reviews, news updates, tips, and advice.

Tech Grapple

Are you unsure how to compress video files on your smartphone? Tech Grapple is only a click away. Tech Grapple is an online blog that helps users with their smartphones to transfer files to new iPhones and other common problems.


HowTechHack reviews apps, games, software, smartphones, as well as other mobile gadgets. You will also find useful information on Android, Windows, iOS and social media sites.


TechnoLogers shares cool tips to improve your smartphone and other mobile devices. This online publication contains information on the most recent happenings in Android, iOS and software.


DailyMobile brings you the latest news in the world of mobile devices. Get your daily dose of it on DailyMobile. It features an organized layout that allows readers to easily find news and reviews about various smartphones and mobile carriers.


IntoMobile is your source for breaking news and in-depth analysis of the latest developments in mobile phones and technology.


This site is a one-stop-shop for smartphone and mobile gadgets lovers. Here you can find all the latest news, rumours and more. This site features information about all the latest smartphone events in the world.


Techomash provides all the information you need about smartphone technology and mobile apps. Techomash provides helpful reviews and analyses to help you choose the right apps for your Android or iOS devices.

Unwired View

Unwired View is your source for the most recent news and gossip on your Android, iOS or Windows smartphone. This online publication covers what’s new in the world of tablets and smartphones.

The Handheld Blog

The Handheld Blog features news, reviews, and video guides, for iOS, Android, or Windows handheld devices. You will also find easy-to-follow instructions on how to download apps and how to recover data.

Smart Phone Magazine

The Smart Phone Magazine online edition, SmartPhone Mag, is focused on information about the latest smartphones available from all three major platforms: iOS and Android. A howto section is also available online to help readers make their smartphones more suitable for their needs.


MeetGadget allows people to meet mobile gadgets online. The site’s database contains hundreds of gadgets, including tablets, smartphones, and digital cameras. Visitors can view the specifications, information, and reviews for their mobile device by clicking on it. This website is useful for those who plan to purchase a new smartphone.

DJs Mobile

This blog is a tech site that provides information on smartphones and other mobile devices. Before deciding which smartphone or device to purchase, DJs Mobile subscribers can view the reviews, compare specifications, and see the deals.


Greg Gazin’s blog was named one of the sixty-five best gadget blogs on the World Wide Web. It features in-depth reviews about smartphones, tablets and laptops. Gazin writes in a smart and fun way. He also provides valuable advice and insight to his readers.


Tecolote is a blog that provides information about gadgets, computers and the internet. A team of writers maintains the blog and does extensive research on new smartphones and computers.


KnowTechie is a blog that’s for those who love technology but don’t live in the bubble. It is for anyone interested but not necessarily a tech guru.

Gadgets Grab

Gadgets will keep you informed about new gadgets and provide unbiased reviews and tips to help buyers find better smartphones. Gadgets Grab also covers the most recent happenings in the technology sector under our portal’s “tech news” section.


PhonesToKnow, a smartphone blog, is dedicated to providing the latest news and vast knowledge through case studies.

Tech Arrival

Tech Arrival is a web magazine covering the latest technology news, Android Rooting, Recovery & ROMs Software Reviews, IoT Software Tips, SEO, Blogging Tips, and SEO. You can also request tutorials from the site. They are extremely responsive to users’ queries.

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