This is the cost to charge your mobile phone for a year.

Get your calculator ready if you don’t believe us.

Although the principle of a battery is simple, the technology and chemistry required to make it work are not. Their energy density is the main limitation of batteries.

A battery can only produce as much electricity as the chemical components it contains can store energy. Anything that isn’t the active material in the battery is dead weight. This includes the casing, controller chips, and wires to carry the current. They all add weight but no power.

All of us are guilty of carrying our phones around with us all the time. We use our mobiles for texting, calling and streaming, and browsing social media.

You’ve probably spent quite a few hours plugging into the mains. It is common to charge your mobile throughout the night and use it all day.

Electricity bills don’t pay for themselves. We imagine that your mind wanders when you think about how much electricity you use.

You probably think you know a ridiculous number like £600. But we’re sure you don’t, and we’ve done the math to prove it.

We gathered a few numbers and concentrated hard to figure out the annual cost of charging your iPhone 12 each year.

Please, please, the total cost of the meal is only £2.48 per year. That’s less than a single Tesco Meal Deal.

How did we get there?

£2.48 makes it feel so much better to charge our iPhones all night, but you might be wondering how we did it.

Let’s start with a kilowatt-hour (kWh) price in the UK. It is about 17.2p on average.

The iPhone 12 is here! The iPhone 12 is equipped with a 20W (0.02 kilowatts) charger. This charger will charge the battery from empty to full in just 2 hours. That’s pretty impressive!

We multiply the 2 hours of power with the 20W charger to get a total of 40W.

This is the amount of electricity your iPhone 12 only uses when it recharges from 0% to 100 per cent. A kilowatt is 17.2p. 40W will cost you 0.68p. You won’t even pay a penny.

Next was easy. There are 365 days in a calendar year. So 0.68 times 365 equals £2.48.

Thus, the cost of charging your mobile iPhone is £2.48. Is it not very cheap?

This genius mathematical solution can be applied to all devices in the mobile market. For example, take the Galaxy S21.

The mobile is equipped with a 15W charger, which charges your phone from 0% to 100% in just 2 hours.

Using the same maths above, the total cost of your Galaxy S21 per annum is £1.86. This is slightly less than the iPhone 12.

Whether you are loyal to Samsung or Apple, the cost of charging your phone each year is much lower than a pint of beer or a Big Mac meal from McDonald’s.

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You should feel much better about plugging in your mobile all night.

Our mathematic equations will convince you to upgrade to the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21.

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