These are the 10 most expensive smartphones in the world

Smartphones are almost commonplace in our tech-focused society. Although most smartphones are similar, some phones have unique features. These smartphones combine design and function in unique ways. They are the best for tech-lovers who want to be the best.

Vertu Signature Cobra – $310,000

Vertu, originally an offshoot from Nokia, is a renowned luxury phone brand. The Signature Cobra could be their best work. The phone was designed by French jewellers Boucheron and was limited to eight worldwide. The handset’s body is made of gold and features a jewelled cobra made from solid gold, white diamonds, and rubies.

Goldvish Revolution – $488,150

This piece is a unique creation by the Swedish brand goldfish. The phone’s shape is different from most phones, with a square design. It features rounded edges and a variety of materials, including white gold, rose-gold, leather and sapphire. The phone also comes with an analogue watch that can be detached for added uniqueness. Only 32 of these pieces exist in the world. They will only get more unique over time.

Gresso Las Vegas Jackpot – $1 million

This phone is made from a mixture of black and gold diamonds (45.5 carats). The phone’s beautiful rear panel is made from wood from an African tree for 200 years. Seventeen laser-etched sapphires have been hand-polished on the keys. There were only three phones made, and each one had a unique number inscribed on the wood panelling. This ensures that you have something truly special.

Goldvish Le Million – $1.3 million

This dagger-shaped phone by Goldvish is back on the list. It was once a Guinness Record holder and was one of the most expensive phones in the world. The body is made from 18-karat gold and studded with 120 carats diamonds. Le Million, like the Jackpot, is limited to three pieces.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone $1.3 Million

Peter Alisson, an Austrian designer, designed the Diamond Crypto. It also holds the title of the world’s most expensive smartphone at the time. The phone is made from platinum with a rose-gold logo and home button and wood panelling made from high-qualityMacassarEbony on the sides. It is adorned with 50 diamonds and 10 rare blue diamonds. It has a special encryption technology that keeps all data secure.

iPhone 3G King’s Button $2.5 Million

Alisson’s King’s Button is another design. It’s his most famous and well-known. The King’s Button uses a mixture of yellow, white, and rose golds, all 18 karats. The phone’s white gold is a thin strip that runs along its borders and is adorned with 138 diamonds. The ‘King’s Button’, a 6.6-carat diamond, replaces the home button, which is what makes this phone stand out.

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme – $3.2 million

While the Goldstriker has many similarities to the Kings Button’s, it takes these similarities to an entirely new level. One example is that Stuart Hughes, a British designer, uses 22 karats of gold. He also used 136 diamonds around the phone’s edge and 53 diamonds to form the Apple logo. A diamond is used to replace the home button. This time it is a 7.1 carat. The phone also comes in a box made of one piece of granite and decorated with leather and Kashmiri gold.

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition: $8 Million

Stuart Hughes’ latest creation is here. There are only two of these pieces worldwide, and each is unique. This phone is rose folded and contains 500 diamonds totalling 100 carats. There are 53 diamonds in the Apple logo. A diamond replaces the home button, but this phone has a pink diamond, which weighs in at 7.4 Carats. The phone comes in a granite presentation case, similar to the Goldstriker.

iPhone 4S Elite gold – $9.4 Million

Stuart Hughes may have monopolized the luxury iPhone market. This is his third item on the list and only one place below the top. The phone’s unique design includes 500 diamonds along the edges, totalling 100 carats. The Apple logo and the rear panel are made from 24 karat solid-gold. The Apple logo features 53 diamonds. This one is even more impressive than his other creations. The phone also comes with a 7.6-carat diamond as a spare home button. The phone’s box is what sets it apart. It is made from platinum and features polished pieces of Tyrannosaurus rex bone.

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Price: $48.5 Million

This iPhone, the first to be produced, was released in 2004. It continues to be the most expensive smartphone globally, despite many other innovations. It is quite simple in design compared to other iPhones. The exterior is 24 karat and is also available as rose gold or platinum variation. The phone’s centrepiece is a large, pink diamond embedded in its rear panel. Although it is not as elaborate as the Stuart Hughes phone, its rarity makes it more expensive than the second-most expensive. Two cheaper alternatives are available, one with a blue diamond and an orange. They cost $42.5 million and $32.5 million, respectively.

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