The absolute best features of Google Pixel devices

Google is well-known for its amazing Pixel devices and their incredible camera technology.

They also have various other features that may not be as prominent, so we do not recommend you ignore them.

The Pixel mobiles offer a unique opportunity to access a variety of tricks not available on Android devices.

We thought it would be a great idea to explore 10 things that make Pixel perfect, celebrating the latest Google Pixel6:

Keep storage organized

Storage without a degree is not what we are referring to. We mean storage that adapts to your needs to get the most from it.

Smart Storage and Google Photos have partnered to remove backup media copies after a set period.

You will notice that photos and videos are the most common items taking up space on your phone’s storage.

The Cloud is here to help. Once you have all your photos synced to the Cloud, there is no reason to keep local copies. Nobody likes hoarders.

These steps will activate Smart Storage:

1) Head To System Settings on Your Pixel.

2) Select storage

3) Select Smart Storage

4) Choose whether your photos should be deleted at 30, 60, or 90 days.

You can save a lot of space by doing this without needing to buy extra storage or do anything yourself.

Be safe while driving

Driving while looking at your phone is dangerous.

It’s tempting to look at it to see if anyone has sent you a message or to change the song, but Driving Mode on your Pixel will keep you safe and sound.

Driving Mode detects when your phone is in motion and will put it in Do Not Disturb mode.

You can also use Android Auto to open your car’s Android Auto and access parts of your smartphone through it.

It keeps incoming messages from distracting your attention and tempting while you cruise.

1) Head To System Settings.

2) Select Preferences for Connections

3) Tap Driving Mode

We all enjoy a great car ride, and you can be sure that you are safe and sound.

Learn more about Google Lens.

This list is incomplete without mentioning one camera-related feature. Google Lens offers many useful tricks that make it easy to use your Pixel.

The lens can cut text from a letter and scan it in an email. It also scans QR codes and snapshot addresses from leaflets or business cards.

You can download it on many devices, but only Pixel users can access the lens through their camera.

1 Double press the power button to open the camera.

2Aim your phone at the things you want to do.

3)Awaiting for Lens to pop up.

You can focus on a specific text by holding your finger down on the text in your image. This will allow you to copy the text and search for other bits and bobs.

Turn it quickly

For Pixel lovers, here’s another camera feature. You can use many amazing camera hacks, but this one is the best.

You’ve probably witnessed one of those moments that happen so quickly you don’t have a chance to capture it on film.

You are in luck. You won’t miss any moment of action because your Pixel comes with a fast-flipping gesture.

1) Open your camera.

2. Twist your wrist twice.

This will turn your camera around and enable you to take photos with either the front or back camera in a flash.

You can make quick clips

We have already talked about the moments you need to snap quickly, but what about the times you need them to be captured on video?

One classic example is when someone trips or slips – which is always hilarious. You can also see your children’s excitement when they finally get the courage to go on a family vacation and jump into the ocean.

Sometimes, things happen too quickly, and the moment is gone. But not with your Pixel mobile. Pixels come with a cool feature that allows you to capture videos quickly without changing anything else.

You can even snap photos from your video – giving you the best of both of them.

1) Open your camera.

2 Press and hold the shutter key.

3) Your mobile will immediately begin recording.

After your video has been recorded, you can tap the preview in the camera app. Swipe up on the screen to view all still images if you find them in Google Photos.

A digital car key

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have a feature that is so futuristic you may not believe it.

Technology is slowly transporting people to a world where all they need is their mobile phone.

This feature is only available to select 2020-2022 BMW models in the applicable countries. This feature allows you to lock or unlock your car by simply tapping on the handle of your phone.

Your Pixel will allow you to use your key fob to start your car. Google is your ticket to the future.

Ultra-wideband is now available

Ultra-wideband sounds super-high-tech. It is a radio-based communication system that transmits data fast and securely.

Both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have ultra-wideband capabilities. Now you can send files, videos, and photos to other devices using ultra-wideband.

Playing has had a facelift

There is nothing worse than listening to a song and not remembering its name.

We don’t think so. Now Playing is an amazing feature that will listen to any song playing and identify it for your display. You can also cast the song’s title at the bottom.

You can even save the song to your favorites so that you can play it back later. Just tap the music note beside the title.

Updating the Recorder app

The recorder has received an upgrade, making it super easy to record conversations. You can now access Japanese, French, and German transcriptions to expand your language library.

This update will make it easier to communicate with long-time pen pals or while on holiday abroad.

Snapchatter’s delight

Snap Quick Tap is a new feature for Snapchat to delight avid users. You can now create a Quick Tap action that will allow you open Snapchat from your lock screen.

This is great for quick replies or snapping photos. This allows you to quickly open the app by tapping – perfect for busy people.

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